RSS Daily Digest

Replace Pocket and Feedly.

If you're trying to find a single app that helps you read RSS feeds and save URLs for reading later, Focusd can help, and it's only $10 / year.

There's an API, a bookmark button, and a Zapier integration to allow you to save URLs that are not a part of any feed, so you can get them on your next Daily Digest.

How does Focusd help?

By treating blog articles as "simple" URLs, you can get the best of both worlds, and a single email per day with "all you wanted".

Try it out. You'll see it's a great way to read a lot without interruptions or feeling overloaded.

Focusd replaces Pocket + Feedly:

  • Choose the time of the day to get the digest
  • Save URLs to get with other RSS feeds
  • Read when you want, how you want

How does it work?

You get an email every day with the titles and links to the new articles, and that's it.

How much does it cost?

$10 / year for up to 20 feeds.

(if you want more, let me know)

But this isn't really a reader app, it's just my email and browser!

Exactly! Aren't those powerful?