Mindful and Slow

Slow down. Read mindfully.

We are constantly checking our news feeds (usually on our phones), and it's not good for our health, and makes us waste a lot of time, feeling like we can never keep up.

One way to slow down is to reduce the frequency at which we read the news (including "not really news" like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.), but that's not very easy when the devices we use daily are built to keep us engaged, almost mindlessly.

So you can try to develop a routine where you set aside a time in the day to read the news once per day, and that's it.

Think about all the stillness you'll create throughout the rest of the day.

Focusd helps with that, and it's only $10 / year.

How does Focusd help?

By receiving a single email with "the news" per day, you are able to decide when to create a time-block to read the news, and not need to check it again on that day.

Try it out. You'll see it's a great way to slow down and be mindful.

Focusd turns your RSS feeds into a Daily Digest:

  • Choose the time of the day to get the digest
  • No more interruptions throughout the day
  • Read when you want, how you want

How does it work?

You get an email every day with the titles and links to the new articles, and that's it.

How much does it cost?

$10 / year for up to 20 feeds.

(if you want more, let me know)

But this isn't really a reader app, it's just my email and browser!

Exactly! Aren't those powerful?