An Ad-free RSS Reader

Focusd is an RSS reader that respects your ad blocking preferences:

  • Read in your favorite browser
  • Ad-free email experience
  • Daily links in your email

Read in your favorite browser

Focusd simply gives you the links for you to be able to enjoy the original articles with your browser and privacy settings of choice.

That includes any adblock plugins or extensions you may have installed.

Ad-free email experience

Focusd is not a free service. It will never have ads.

If you use an ad blocker in your devices, by using Focusd you can also benefit from it, as you can simply open the links it gives you with your preferred browser and settings.

Daily links in your email

Focusd sends you a Daily Digest, with any new articles for the feeds you've subscribed, with their titles linking to the original source.

That way you get to enjoy your favorite websites with your adblock preferences.

How does it work?

You get an email every day with the titles and links to the new articles, and that's it.

How much does it cost?

$10 / year for up to 20 feeds.

(if you want more, let me know)

But this isn't really a reader app, it's just my email and browser!

Exactly! Aren't those powerful?